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By Ricky Gujral,
Chief Executive Officer

Hydrogen Power Inc. offers a viable solution to the problems of storing and transporting hydrogen gas, problems which define the economic and safety concerns that have slowed technological development and public acceptance of the use of hydrogen fuel. HPI began with a mandate to provide affordable power solutions that do not require major changes to existing infrastructure. The solution was in a breakthrough discovery in 2002 when a chemical method of splitting hydrogen from water molecules was improved by using aluminum powder and a non-toxic catalyst in a continuous reaction that produces pure hydrogen in ‘real time.’ This environment-friendly, cost effective technology is highly adaptable to a variety of industries.

HPI’s hydrogen generation technologies operate at safe pressures and temperatures. With several worldwide patents in place, HPI’s product development lab in Seattle, Washington has applied their scaleable on-demand technology in the development of several prototype applications.

HPI is engaged in developing hydrogen filling stations to support the emerging hydrogen highway. As automobile manufacturers gear up to offer fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen internal combustion engines, and H2 hybrids, the Hydrogen NowTM Fuel Station is an optimum solution which is adaptable to existing infrastructure. Benefits of the Hydrogen Now method circumvent the need for transporting compressed or liquefied H2 surmounting one of the most vocal arguments against H2 filling stations.

Current industry methods of producing, transporting and storing hydrogen are multi-step processes. HPI is able to reduce those steps by creating pressurized hydrogen off-grid, on-site, and on-demand. HPI’s water split method is capable of producing hydrogen at ambient pressure as well as at high pressures up to 5000 psig. Hydrogen Just in TimeTM technology is cost effective and generates pressurized hydrogen on-site, on-demand, and eliminates the use of energy intensive compressors or liquefaction processes.
For either portable generators for off-the-grid use or stationary generators for back-up or immediate power needs, Hydrogen NowTM can be delivered by any of several methods, including our on-demand continuous Hydrogen NowTM reaction, or batch processing using aluminum powder cartridges. HPI can tailor production to need product requirements, adjusting for pressure, temperature and flow rate. From pure high-pressure hydrogen without compression in minutes to low-pressure hydrogen released on demand, this portable, adaptive, no-emissions method of H2 generation meets multiple industry needs while sidestepping the usual problems with on-site storage, transportation or compression.

For more information, please visit www.hydrogenpowerinc.com.


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