AG/ENA Forming Alliance for a Prototype Hydrogen Fueling Station / Information Center
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by Alan Eliot Goldberg, FAIA
Principal, AG/ENA Architects

To promote hydrogen as a clean, safe, renewable energy, the architectural firm AG/ENA is forming an Alliance to design and build a prototype Hydrogen Fueling Station / Information Center in key locations, worldwide. The design will be based on AG/ENA's innovative Advanced Refueling Retail Center (ARRC) which was awarded a U. S. Design Copyright. The Information Center will display hydrogen-fueled cars and a consumer education exhibit about hydrogen technology.

Based on input from key NHA members, the first viable prototype Hydrogen Fueling Station / Information Center will be a demonstration project that heightens the public's awareness and acceptance of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. The Alliance will develop a marketing plan directed to decision makers of government agencies and the consumer media.

The original ARRC design, that will be adapted to hydrogen fuels, drew on insights from consumer groups, municipal planning and design review boards, and oil company executives as well as AG/ENA's 25 years of experience designing service stations for Mobil. Seven major manufacturers collaborated in its development.

A key feature of the ARRC design is its circular configuration, which creates an orderly, one-way circular traffic pattern enabling drivers to gain quick and easy access to fuel dispensers. Motorists drive up to dispensers imbedded in columns that also function as canopy supports. Red and green lights on each column indicate dispenser availability. The station which is situated in a park-like setting is aesthetically pleasing and sensitive to the environment. All elements -- buildings, canopy, merchandise displays, lighting, safety systems and landscaping -- are integrated, creating an uncluttered, inviting, readily identifiable design.

The Alliance will function like a partnership, encouraging participating companies to share their expertise and knowledge. Participation by NHA member automakers, energy providers, technology companies, government agencies, financial investors and the construction industry is welcomed. For more information, please contact Alan Goldberg by phone at 203-966-4910 or by e-mail at goldberg-agena@msn.com, or visit the Alliance website at http://www.arrch2alliance.com.

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