Hydrogen Power Inc. launches H24U Hydrogen Delivery Unit
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By Ricky Gujral - Hydrogen Power

Hydrogen Power Inc., based is Seattle, WA, launches its H24U Hydrogen Delivery Unit. The device is a safe and easily transportable hydrogen production/storage unit, a unique system to generate and dispense hydrogen. H24U is a simple, safe and portable hydrogen dispenser, which can supply pressurized hydrogen fuel on demand. H24U eliminates the storage and transport of compressed hydrogen fuel.

Using our patented Hydrogen Now™ technology, the key characteristics of H24U include: operation at low pressures from 14psi to 120 psi, and may be upgraded to work under high pressures up to 5000 psi. This device eliminates the carriage of pressurized hydrogen tanks or electrolyzer units and is built to compress hydrogen fuel during generation.

H24U can be used for production, storage and transportation of hydrogen fuel. H24U can be used to run any small hydrogen-powered device: as and when and wherever needed.
H24U is simple to use and may be operated with room temperature as well as elevated temperatures.
H24U is in essence a simple and compact fuel cartridge of any standard battery size pack containing powdered aluminum alloy and is used as a fuel generator.

The battery cartridge contains a mixture of a metal oxide catalyst and aluminum metal alloy. The mixture is tailored for specific applications and can be supplemented depending upon end-use hydrogen application. The catalyst initiates the production of hydrogen at room temperature for the aluminum mixture. Addition of any type of water to the fuel results in hydrogen generation within a few minutes.

H24U is possibly the safest, portable, small hydrogen-fuel option available. There is no bulky stored gas to transport, and no highly-compressed stored fuel to worry about, as the H24U compression is created in a manner similar to the hydrogen fuel generated on-site. Further, the spent fuel produced from H24U is environmentally inert and can be easily recycled back into aluminum, or it can be used for different commercial applications. For more information, please visit www.hydrogenpowerinc.com or contact Ricky Gujral at 206-448-5073 or by email at rickyg@hydrogenpowerinc.com.

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