Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter Hits 10th Year

May (1996) marks the tenth anniversary of The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Letter. Formerly known as The Hydrogen Letter, the newsletter premiered in 1986. The newsletter was launched as a moonlighting operation by editor Peter Hoffmann, with encouragement and financial help from what was then the Hydrogen Research Center at Texas A&M, the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute at the University of Hawaii, the Clean Energy Research Institute at the University of Miami, the organization formerly known as Clean Fuel Institute in Riverside, California (all in the U.S.A.), and Canada’s Hydrogen Industry Council.

H&FCL is renowned for providing information on current and worldwide hydrogen- and fuel cell-related events, reporting on budgets, developments and partnerships, technological innovations, congressional action, perceptions of industry and public interests groups, and other events affecting the market for renewables. The cover stories and other headlines of the H&FCL can be viewed on the NHA home page on the World Wide Web.

Before founding The Hydrogen Letter, Peter Hoffman was a correspondent for a major business news service, McGraw-Hill World News, working in Bonn, Milan, and Washington. Beginning in 1973, his articles on hydrogen have appeared in Business Week, the Washington Post, Chemical Week, Chemical Engineering, and others. He contributed the hydrogen entry to the 1986 New Book of Knowledge, a Grolier encyclopedia for young people. His 1981 book, The Forever Fuel—The Story of Hydrogen, was called “the book on the subject” by Kirkus Reviews.

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