New Chair Sets Goals for DOE’s HTAP in 1997

by Alan Lloyd, Executive Director, Energy & Environmental Center, Desert Research Institute

This short article lays out some of the major goals which I would like to accomplish while chairman of the Hydrogen Technical Advisory Panel (HTAP) to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). A solid foundation for HTAP has been created under the previous Chairmanships of Dr. Jim Birk and Dr. Pat Takahashi. I would hope to continue to build on this foundation and to expand the role of HTAP to make it more effective in influencing the DOE program. The number one goal is to work with NHA, stakeholders, and interested parties to increase the budget for the Hydrogen Program and to advise DOE on programs which can accommodate a larger budget. In the past DOE has been reluctant to ask for large incremental increases in their hydrogen budget. Strong support at DOE for the program is a perquisite for the hydrogen program to grow effectively.

Another goal is to continue the thrust of the DOE program to encourage public/private partnerships. While DOE currently is using this as a thrust, HTAP could suggest ways for DOE to facilitate these cost-shared programs so that they are truly “client” rather than DOE-driven. Additional goals are to advise DOE on opportunities to leverage the Hydrogen Program for a meaningful global climate change program, ensure the delivery of an updated and expanded “Green Report,” and finalize a strategic plan for DOE which works in conjunction with NHA and the stakeholders to provide DOE with guidance for a substantially expanded program in future years.

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