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Request for Information

The Solar Energy Industries Association is soliciting information for a new, glossy brochure illustrating the future pathways and possibilities for hydrogen use. Types of facts SEIA is looking for are pollution offsets, jobs created, encouraging quotes by famous personalities, and any other attention-getting items. The brochure will likely be an attractive illustrated outreach tool to distribute to the general public.

SEIA recently produced “Renewable Hydrogen,” a brochure that describes, illustrates, and advocates renewable production of hydrogen.

If you have any information you would like to contribute, please deliver to: Mark Lersch at SEIA, 122 C Street, N.W., 4th floor, Washington, DC 20001, U.S.A.; telephone: +1.202.383.2524; facsimile: +1.202.383.2670.

NHA Coordinator Eidson Moves On

The NHA bids farewell to Paula Eidson, NHA Coordinator. Paula began working with the NHA in August of 1995 as a Staff Assistant to the NHA, until July of 1996 when she became coordinator for United BioEnergy Commercialization Association (UBECA). In August of 1997, Paula returned to the NHA to assume the position of Coordinator. Paula’s last day with the NHA will be 31 May 1998. She has accepted a job in Taiwan which will begin in June.

The NHA wishes to thank her for her exemplary work and dedication. We wish her the best of luck and future success.

IEA Hydrogen Task Force Formed

A new International Energy Agency (IEA) task is being formed titled “Hydrogen Utilization in Novel and Conventional Processes.” A Task Definition Workshop was held on 3-4 May 1998 in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., to begin to draft the task work plan. A second workshop is being held in Switzerland during the week of 18 May. The process work involves identifying and developing new and/or improved processes that increase the use of hydrogen in uses other than as an energy carrier.

The goal is to increase the use of hydrogen in niche processes to enhance the use of hydrogen in the future as an energy carrier. Process areas being looked at presently include the following: petrochemical, metallurgical, ceramic-microelectronics, and systems analysis.

The IEA has invited the NHA to participate in this activity. Karen Miller attended the first Task Definition Workshop and can answer questions. The NHA will pursue this activity in the next NHA/DOE Cooperative Agreement, with the intent to keep NHA members informed of the task activities and provide insight and perspective on behalf of those members who have an interest. If you are interested in being involved through the NHA, feel free to contact Miller at + If your company is interested in participating in this activity directly, let Karen know and she will add your name to the list.

New Subscriber Option

The NHA now has an option to subscribe to the NHA News and H2 Digest for US$300 per year. This option also provides discounts on other publications and meetings.

For more information, contact the NHA.

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