The Latest News from the Implementation Plan Committee

by Lara Neer, Program Coordinator, National Hydrogen Association
An Implementation Plan Committee (IPC) Workshop was held in Lake Tahoe, California [U.S.A.], at the Granlibakken Conference Center on 26 October 1999. The workshop drew 26 attendees from a broad spectrum of NHA membership categories. The attendees convened to assess the progress of the hydrogen community in attaining the goals set forth in the Hydrogen Commercialization Plan (HCP). This entailed examination of the near-term goals as well as the nongoal recommendations of the plan.

Dave Nahmias, Chairman of the Hydrogen Technical Advisory Panel, led the discussion for Session 1 on the near-term goals of the HCP, while Bud Beebe, of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, led discussion for Session 2, which covered the nongoal recommendations of the HCP.

There were three types of recommendations that came out of the Workshop: deletions, modifications, or topics for the IPC to consider as new business in 2000. Only the nongoal recommendations contained items selected for deletion.

The nongoal recommendations selected for deletion were largely seen to be obsolete by the participants either because they are being done, had been accomplished, or a superior action that accomplishes the goal is being performed. The participants wanted to make clear that none of these recommendations were seen as abandoned, rather that the hydrogen community had met the parameters set forth and needed to continue down the path of progress.

A preponderance of the recommendations from the Workshop were in the form of modifications. Many of the recommendations simply needed modification to keep up with the changing landscape of hydrogen energy systems. Another aim was to raise the bar and make these recommendations more aggressive so that the HCP kept up with industry.

The IPC reviewed all the recommendations from the Workshop during an IPC Conference Call that took place on 9 February 2000. All IPC decisions will be referred to the NHA Board of Directors for consideration at the next Board meeting, which occurs 29 February 2000, directly before the 11th Annual U.S. Hydrogen Meeting. Anything decided at the Board meeting will then be presented to the membership prior to the Annual Membership Meeting on 1 March 2000 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Members may then vote to accept or reject these recommended changes.

NHA staff are preparing a summary report that will be completed and distributed after the IPC Conference Call. As soon as the report is available, it will be mailed to the NHA membership at large. If you are interested in becoming a part of the IPC, please call me at +

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