Hydrogen Safety Workshop to be Held at the Annual Meeting

by Karen Miller, Program Director, National Hydrogen Association
Some of you may have noticed that the NHA did not hold a codes and standards workshop at the end of 2000 as anticipated. This occurred as a result of the absence of DOE funding support, which can be attributed to the Fiscal Appropriations delay in approving the 2001 Energy and Water bill. The 106th Congress has finally finished the business of the nation, and the DOE support funding for a workshop is now in place. The NHA is proud to announce a Hydrogen Safety Workshop to be held in conjunction with the 12th Annual U.S. Hydrogen Meeting in Washington, D.C., from 5-6 March 2001.

The NHA participates actively in the development of codes and standards on a national and international basis. NHA staff are active members of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Fuel Cell Standards Committee, the U.S. Fuel Cell Council C&S Working Group, the International Codes Council (ICC) Ad Hoc Committee on Hydrogen, and a number of international efforts, including IEC TC 105 and ISO TC 197.

The NHA’s Codes and Standards work includes consensus building within the hydrogen industry, other stakeholders, and a number of codes and standards development bodies. It involves the development of draft standards for hydrogen energy systems, and the validation of these draft standards through industry. Over the past few years, the NHA developed draft standards for compressed hydrogen tanks, vehicular refueling stations for gaseous hydrogen, and connectors for hydrogen refueling. These drafts were submitted and accepted by ISO TC 197 as working items.

The NHA is interested in helping to advance all of these efforts, and continuing the task of identifying needs in hydrogen-related codes and standards that are not being addressed. To that end, the NHA plans to hold a workshop immediately preceding the Annual Meeting from 5-6 March 2001, with opportunities for working groups to meet.

Tentative plans are to invite representatives from ISO-TC 197, the Society for Automotive Engineering Fuel Cell Standards Committee, and the International Code Council Ad Hoc Committee on Hydrogen to join members of the NHA Codes and Standards Committee to present data on hydrogen safety. Dr. Michael Swain of the University of Miami (Florida, U.S.A.) has been invited to present the work he has done on hydrogen dispersion. Dr. Addison Bain and Mr. David Haberman are scheduled to make a presentation on “Hydrogen Safety Assurance: Modern Technology and Techniques to Protect the Public.” Participants will also hear an update of the active NHA Codes and Standards work items, which include:

In addition, the workshop will include a description of activities of ISO-TC 197, SAE, and ICC related to hydrogen safety. In this way, the NHA hopes to facilitate information sharing to advance all of these efforts and reduce duplication.

Space is limited, so participation will be by invitation only. If you are not already a member of one of the NHA Codes and Standards Committies, but would like to join, please contact NHA's Lara Neer at Tel: + or via e-Mail at [email protected] to be included on the invitation list.

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