NHA to Cosponsor World Hydrogen Energy Conference in 2002

by Robert Mauro, Technical and Policy Advisor to the Board, National Hydrogen Association

On 6 February, the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) Board of Directors approved the financial terms under which the NHA will cosponsor the 14th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) in Montréal, Québec, Canada, on 9-14 June 2002.

As cosponsor, the NHA has a reasonable expectation that its net revenue would be comparable to that received at a typical NHA annual meeting. The NHA and Canadian Hydrogen Association meetings will be held in conjunction with WHEC. The NHA will conduct three concurrent afternoon sessions that focus on developments in the United States. The sessions are: U.S. Hydrogen Policy, Hydrogen Issues, and U.S. Hydrogen Codes and Standards. In addition, there will be two NHA Board Meetings and a Membership meeting. The meeting times for these activities have been adjusted to conform with the overall WHEC meeting agenda.

Each of the NHA sessions will highlight a unique aspect of U.S. Hydrogen activities. The U.S. Hydrogen Policy Session will present perspectives on hydrogen from the U.S. Departments of Energy and Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency, and state activities, such as the recently created New York Fuel Cell Partnership.

The Hydrogen Issues session will focus on critical technical, economical, and nonstandards policy issues that affect the introduction of hydrogen technologies. The leading candidate topics for inclusion are:

The U.S. Codes and Standards session will focus on the activities of domestic standards and code bodies as they work on hydrogen safety standards. These include the Society of Automotive Engineers on standards for fuel cell vehicles, the National Fire Protection Agency on fire safety requirements for refueling stations and parking garages, and the International Code Council for certification for occupancy or use of structures that contain or have hydrogen in close proximity. One interesting question for the group is whether electrolytic production of hydrogen without onsite storage is treated differently than onsite steam reforming with onsite gaseous or liquid storage of hydrogen.

The rest of the program presents hydrogen activities of international interest from Asia, Canada, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and the U.S. More than 800 delegates and 200 students from around the world are expected to attend this landmark conference. With the growing interest in hydrogen as a career, coupled with the increasing need for qualified employees in the hydrogen industry, the NHA will conduct an international job fair at WHEC.

The NHA staff is involved in both the NHA portion of the meeting and the overall planning for WHEC. Karen Miller is serving on the WHEC Technical Committee which will screen papers for more than 30 concurrent sessions. I am serving on the Organizing Committee, which oversees the WHEC in its entirety.

Dr. Tapan Bose, President of the Canadian Hydrogen Association and an NHA Board Member, chairs the Organizing Committee. O’Donoughue and Associates Event Management, Inc., of Montréal is handling WHEC meeting logistics and developing meeting press materials. The 14th WHEC, in combination with NHA and CHA annual meetings, should be a great meeting. The NHA staff will keep you informed of developments. ©2001. All Rights Reserved. A Publication of the National Hydrogen Association.
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