Reflections on the Hydrogen Planet – NHA’s 13th Annual Meeting
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by Lara Neer, Program Manager, National Hydrogen Association

The NHA’s Annual Meeting 2002 was a great success. Co-location of the event with the Canadian Hydrogen Association meeting and the 14th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) provided an opportunity for the hydrogen industry the world over to exchange ideas, make contacts and strategize towards a hydrogen energy future. Over 1000 delegates took part in the week-long conference and exhibition.

Seated clockwise: David Garman, DOE, Dennis Weaver, Institute of Ecolonomics and Bill Summers, SRTC, enjoy a ride around the Place Ville-Marie in the fuel cell GATORTM vehicle, a joint project between Teledyne Energy Systems, DOE, Deere and Co., Southeastern Technology Center, University of South Carolina and York Technical College.

Montréal, Canada was a perfect host for this year’s Annual Meeting and WHEC. The Grand Prix backdrop combined with the city’s decidedly European flavor added a cosmopolitan atmosphere to the whole affair. Who could forget the elaborate fete at Windsor Station? Attendees dined on delicious food while treated to fantastic performances by the Cirque Éloize.

The NHA was proud to have five members, including BMW, Ford, ECD, Savannah River Technology Center, and Stuart Energy Systems exhibit hardware on the Place Ville-Marie. We also must recognize the many NHA members that generously sponsored the meeting, including Air Products and Chemicals, BMW, BP, ChevronTexaco Hydrogen Systems and Fuels, NASA-Kennedy Space Center, Praxair, Shell Hydrogen, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

A special thank you goes to the South Coast Air Quality Management District for sponsoring the NHA’s Information Center. The Center was a buzz of activity the entire week, from networking meetings and employment interviews to videography for an upcoming Cognizant Productions/Hydrogen 2000 video.

Krishna Sapru, ECD, discusses the attributes of ECD's Ovonic Hydrogen ICE Scooter, powered by ECD proprietary on-board metal hydride storage system, with a WHEC delegate.

NHA business conducted included two Board meetings and one Membership Meeting. Jeffrey Serfass, NHA President, presented A Certificate of Appreciation to Vice Chairman Michael Hainsselin for nine years of dedication and service to the NHA, and a Certificate of Appreciation to Jeff Rinker for his service as NHA Chairman.

The Conference provided a wide range of presentations from all angles including international policy, infrastructure, and investments. The NHA worked to ensure that the U.S. policy position was represented by inviting Assistant Secretary of Energy David Garman to deliver a speech. Ms. Karen Miller also worked tirelessly on sessions that covered safety codes and standards both national and international.

The NHA thanks all of the many participants in this year’s meeting. As the hydrogen industry grows, and research development and demonstration dollars from governments continue to increase, these conferences become ever more important as a way to build support and maintain contacts. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 14th Annual Meeting titled “Energy Security through Hydrogen,” March 4-6, 2003, in Washington D.C. ©2002. All Rights Reserved. A Publication of the National Hydrogen Association.
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