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Millennium Cell
Millennium Cell, Inc., is a leading technology company in the design and development of systems for the safe use of hydrogen fuel in energy applications.

Founded in 1998, Millennium Cell has developed a multifaceted patent portfolio, which the company is pursuing in the United States and internationally, surrounding a proprietary process called Hydrogen on Demandä. The Hydrogen on Demand system safely generates pure hydrogen from environmentally friendly raw materials. In the process, the energy potential of hydrogen is carried in the chemical bonds of sodium borohydride which, in the presence of a catalyst, releases hydrogen. The primary input components of the reaction are water and sodium borohydride, a derivative of borax. Borax is found in substantial natural reserves globally. Hydrogen from this system can be used to power fuel cells or fed directly to internal combustion engines. Millennium Cell also has a patented design for boron-based longer-life batteries.

Millennium Cell has incorporated our Hydrogen on Demand™ technology into several automotive prototypes to demonstrate the feasibility of this technology, including most notably the DaimlerChrysler Town and Country Natrium, a hydrogen fuel cell minivan. This unique fuel system gives the Natrium a range of 300 miles, significantly longer than any fuel cell vehicle shown to date. In addition, the vehicle has zero emissions; no greenhouse gas or smog-forming compounds are produced by the vehicle. The safety and environmentally friendly attributes make this a promising energy source for many uses, including military and maritime.

In addition to DaimlerChrysler, Millennium Cell has announced business relationships with Ballard Power Systems, Rohm & Haas, U.S. Borax, Air Products and Chemicals, and Aperion. The company also has had test agreements with Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Seaworthy Systems.

Millennium Cell is located in Eatontown, N.J., has about 40 employees, and is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol MCEL. For more information, visit www.millenniumcell.com or call 866.532.2783.

General Hydrogen Corporation
eneral Hydrogen’s business is to provide energy delivery technologies, systems and infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles, and devices based upon its proprietary Hydricity™ Energy Delivery Standard.

The company has a 37,000-square-foot facility in greater Vancouver, a region that has become world-renowned as a center for excellence in fuel cell and hydrogen-based technologies.

Contact: General Hydrogen Corporation, 13120 Varnier Place, Richmond, BC, V6V 2J2, Canada. Tel: 604.303.0040. Fax: 604.231.0040. Email: info@generalhydrogen.com. Web: www.generalhydrogen.com.

UTC Fuel Cells

UTCFC is the world leader in fuel cell production and development for commercial, transportation, residential, and space applications. The company has been the sole supplier of fuel cells for U.S. manned space missions starting with the Apollo program and continuing today with the Space Shuttle program.

UTC Fuel Cells is the only company producing a commercially available fuel cell system, the PC25TM power plant. It is currently developing Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology for commercial, residential, and transportation markets.

UTCFC is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), a $28 billion diversified manufacturer. For more information, see their website at www.UTCFuelCells.com.

F, LLC is a consultancy which provides planning, marketing, and technical services. The President of IF, David Haberman, has licensed government technologies, developed commercialization strategies, built business teams, and recruited financial resources. His experience includes founding a hydrogen energy company, going public, and leading it as chairman. Mr. Haberman is dedicated to contributing to a renewable energy future. He is also a Director of JDA Investment Bank, a Trustee of the University of Nevada’s Desert Research Institute and a coordinator of energy initiatives for several important nonprofit organizations. Mr. Haberman has served as an expert witness to the U.S. Congress and is a member of the Hydrogen Technical Advisory Panel for the Secretary of Energy. He has developed joint ventures and projects in Israel, Russia, Japan, and Iceland. He has offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Contact David Haberman, Tel: 661.298.2622. Email: IFDHLLC@aol.com.

Eco Soul
coSoul, a 501© (3) incorporated in California, has joined the NHA as a University/Research Member dedicated to education and outreach. EcoSoul is the distributor of the Unitized Reversible Fuel Cell, a hand-held solar hydrogen system intended for use as a learning device that illustrates the reversibility of the electrolysis and recombination processes. EcoSoul also distributes HOPE, the Hydrogen Outreach Program for Education™.

The National Fuel Cell Education Program (NFCEP) is an EcoSoul project whose mission is to proactively advocate a hydrogen and renewable energy future. EcoSoul/NFCEP expands its educational reach through cooperation with the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California Irvine.

R.V. (Skip) Staats III is Chairman of the Board of EcoSoul/NFCEP. Mary-Rose de Valladares, a Board member, will serve as EcoSoul’s primary liaison to the NHA. For more information, please see www.nfcep.org, or contact Skip at 714.573.4955 or Mary-Rose at 301.530.6591.

HyRadix, Inc.
yRadix, Inc., is a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of hydrogen generation technology for fuel cell and small industrial markets. Using an innovative combination of process, catalyst, and equipment, HyRadix fuel processor technology provides the core of a system which efficiently and reliably produces a hydrogen-rich gas from natural gas or LPG. HyRadix fuel processor technology can be applied to both residential and commercial proton exchange membrane fuel cell applications, as well as for hydrogen vehicle fueling stations and small-scale industrial applications.

HyRadix is majority-owned by UOP, LLC, a leading supplier of process and catalyst technology to the refining and petrochemicals industries, where the technology development program was initiated. Additional investors in HyRadix are Sud Chemie Inc., a leading supplier of catalyst to the hydrogen industry, and CDP Capital–Technology Ventures, a member of CDP Capital, which invests in innovative companies with promising leading-edge technologies.

Contact: HyRadix Inc., 175 W. Oakton St. Des Plaines, Illinois 60018. Telephone: 1.800.848.4330. Fax: 847.391.2596. ©2002. All Rights Reserved. A Publication of the National Hydrogen Association.
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