Alchemix Awarded Four Patents for Its Hydrogen
Production Technology
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by Ruth Rosenquist, Alchemix Corporation

The United States Patent Office issued Alchemix Corporation two new patents in the first quarter of 2004, increasing its current intellectual property position to a total of four patents. Alchemix is a development stage company which has invented the HydroMax technology, a process that promises to deliver low cost hydrogen using steam and carbon as primary inputs.

The HydroMax Technology is a novel two-step process that injects steam into molten metal within a modified bath smelting reactor similar to those employed in commercial smelting operations worldwide. The oxygen in the steam reacts with molten iron (Fe), releasing hydrogen and forming iron oxide (FeO). Hydrogen production continues until the availability of unreacted iron (Fe) is at a low level.

In the second step of the process, a carbon source is injected to return the iron oxide to iron in the same reactor.

Current patents issued to Alchemix include:

1)      Method for the Production of Ammonia, 19 claims
2)      Method for the Production of Hydrogen and Applications Thereof, 87 claims
3)      Method and Apparatus for the Production of Hydrogen Gas, 22 claims
4)      Method for the Production of Hydrogen Containing Gases, 112 claims

In addition to the production of hydrogen, HydroMax can produce tailored syngas (mixtures of hydrogen and carbon monoxide tailored to a specific ratio), which can then be routed to other processes to make methane, methanol, diesel fuel, kerosene (jet fuel) and naphtha for gasoline. HydroMax can also produce an ammonia pre-cursor gas which feeds a synthesis loop for the production of ammonia fertilizer.

In related news, Alchemix was recently nominated as a finalist in the prestigious 2003 Global Energy Awards as “Most Promising Pre-Commercial Technology Development of the Year.”

For further information on the HydroMax technology and its applications, visit the website at www.alchemix.net. ©2003. All Rights Reserved. A Publication of the National Hydrogen Association.
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