NHA Honors Leaders in the Hydrogen Community at
Annual H2 Conference
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by Brian Schorr, Project Coordinator, National Hydrogen Association

On Wednesday, April 28th, the National Hydrogen Association held its annual Awards Luncheon during the 15th Annual U.S. Hydrogen Conference and Hydrogen Expo in Los Angeles.  This year, the NHA was proud to present awards to five deserving individuals and one special member.  The following is a list of the 2004 award recipients by category:

Meritorious Service Award:

Alan Lloyd (left), Mike Davis (right), Jeff Serfass (center)
Alan Lloyd accepting an award from Chairman Mike Davis

Dr. Alan Lloyd, Chairman, California Air Resources Board

Alan Lloyd is commended for leading the development of hydrogen as a solution to environmental problems in California and for his years of support for fuel cells as the key enabling technology.



Gene Nemanich (left), Mike Davis (right), Jeff Serfass (center)
Outgoing Chairman Gene Nemanich  accepting an award from incoming Chairman Mike Davis

Gene Nemanich, Former NHA Chairman, ChevronTexaco (ret.)

Gene Nemanich is commended for his leadership of the National Hydrogen Association through a period of growth, and evolution from a small advocacy group to an important implementer of the transition to hydrogen.



Venki Raman accepting an award
Venki Raman accepting an award.

Dr. Venki Raman, Former NHA Chairman & Director, Air Products and Chemicals (ret.)

Venki Raman is commended for his years of leadership of the National Hydrogen Association as a Director, Chairman and service on NHA Committees and for bringing important hydrogen safety expertise to the Association and its membership.


Spark Matsunaga Memorial Award:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has shown outstanding vision and leadership by stimulating public awareness of hydrogen as an energy choice of the future, developing plans to make California home to the first hydrogen highway, and enhancing the visibility of hydrogen as an energy security and environmental solution for California.



Robert M. Zweig Public Education Award:

Peter Lehman and Dolores Zweig
Peter Lehman accepts an award from Dolores Zweig.

Dr. Peter Lehman, NHA Vice Chairman, Director, Schatz Energy Research Institute

Peter Lehman is commended for his long dedication to hydrogen education and outreach, which has paved the way for a new generation of hydrogen and fuel cell engineers.


Special Member Award:

Ballard Power Systems

Firoz Rasul (right), Mike Davis (left), Jeff Serfass (center)
Ballard Chairman Firoz Rasul accepts an award on behalf of Ballard Power Systems from NHA Chairman Mike Davis

Ballard Power Systems is commended for their role in identifying the potential for hydrogen and fuel cells to be the energy of choice for future transportation, stationary and military needs and for their leadership in testing buses for the Clean Urban Transport Europe (CUTE) program.  The award was presented to Firoz Rasul, Chairman of the Board, on behalf of Ballard Power Systems.

The NHA would like to like to congratulate all who received awards for their outstanding leadership and devotion to hydrogen technologies.


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