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The National Hydrogen Association is pleased to welcome the following new members into the association in the third quarter of 2004:

Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company

Since 1996 the Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company Ltd and its Founders have been working towards bringing hydrogen-based technologies to market. In 2004 the CHEC HFI hydrogen injection system is ready for the commercial trucking industry.

CHEC’s leaders know that the key to success is developing trust with its business partners and customers. Our management team has a combined 140 years of experience in successfully bringing new businesses and products to market, and we have drawn these veterans from the industries we serve.

CHEC has focused its initial product offering on commercial trucking, where increasingly stringent emissions standards and a highly cost-sensitive business environment have a great need for the benefits of the CHEC HFI hydrogen injection system.

Designed and manufactured in Aurora and Bowmanville, Ontario, CHEC’s patented technologies enhance the common internal combustion engine to substantially save fuel, reduce emissions, increase power and extend engine life. Opportunities for application of this technology range from stationary power generators to cars and trucks, from trains to naval vessels. For more information, visit www.chechfi.com.


Dynamic Fuel Systems, Inc.

Dynamic Fuel Systems Inc. is a Pickering, Ontario based energy sector company engaged in the manufacture, distribution, installation and marketing of a transportable hydrogen generator retrofit targeted for use in the heavy tractor trailer industry. Its flagship product, the Jetstar™, is a patent-pending aftermarket retrofit solution that provides combustion enhancement by mixing hydrogen and oxygen into a vehicle’s intake air to provide the engine with a more complete burn of the fuel in its internal combustion engine. Its business was founded in 2001. For more information, visit www.dynamicfuel.com.


Cabot Superior MicroPowders

Cabot Superior MicroPowders employs a patented spray-based manufacturing process to produce performance powders and downstream products, and comprises the following businesses: Printable Electronics and Displays (PEDs), Energy Materials and Platform Development.

CSMP’s proprietary powder production capability can produce customized powders with unique combinations of microstructure, particle size, size distribution, morphology and composition. The Platform Development Group is working with customers globally to develop innovative solutions in existing and emerging markets by leveraging the core competency in powder production and materials chemistry. CSMP is commercializing products in two sectors: Energy Materials and Printable Electronics and Displays (PEDs). The Energy Materials group is focused on industrial catalysts and sorbents for hydrogen production and electrocatalysts. The PEDs group is focused on electronic inks and materials for printing low-cost electronics and flat panel displays.

CSMP is located in North America (Albuquerque, New Mexico), with 67 employees. CSMP’s competitive strengths include: Intellectual property portfolio, product functionality and tailorability, applications knowledge, partnering.

Growth opportunities include catalysts, sorbents, digital electronic materials, materials for electronics, displays, ceramics, health care and home care markets.

Mark Hampden-Smith and Toivo Kodas are the General Managers at CSMP. For more information, visit


Hydrogen Power Inc.

Hydrogen Power Inc. (HPI)’s patented Hydrogen NowT hydrogen production system directly powers fuel cells or internal combustion machines. Hydrogen NowT eliminates the need for hydrogen reformers or inefficient hydrogen processors and provides hydrogen free of carbon monoxide impurities. The Hydrogen NowT production system can effectively solve the hydrogen storage or transportation problem of mobile or stationary H2 fueled machinery.  HPI’s technology offers the fuel cell industry an enabling technology for low cost hydrogen generation. The HPI Hydrogen NowT production system will allow manufacturers of mobile or stationary fossil fuel burning machines the option to use hydrogen energy, without sacrificing size, power, performance, fuel costs, or work range of their particular application.

The HPI system has proven highly reliable, safely transportable and an on-demand system that has vast commercial possibilities and is a very real energy alternative. Hydrogen Power Inc. is located in Seattle, Washington and is proud to be a member of the National Hydrogen Association. ©2005. All Rights Reserved. A Publication of the National Hydrogen Association.
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