HPI's 30 Watt Portable Hydrogen Generators
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By Ricky Gujral
Hydrogen Power, Inc.

HPI will soon introduce a 20-30 W portable Alumicell generator. This prototype implements the Hydrogen NowTM technology while applying Alumicell as reactant fuel. Alumicell, a novel breakthrough in HPI technology, will be used for low watt portable power applications, expanding the versatility of HPI technology to remote locations. Alumicell will generate around 20 liters per hour of hydrogen gas supply for 72 hours. Military soldier power, projects an estimated budget of $ 50-100 million per annum for portable power applications. HPI projects supplying 50, 000 units for these applications within an affordable price range.

Hydrogen, an attractive, clean, renewable energy source holds a number of hurdles to its prevalent use as a fuel, specially the compression and transportation. HPI's Hydrogen NowTM technology eliminates theses hurdles and holds a promise to become the dominant technology of tomorrow. Simple chemistry of reaction, benign nature of reactants/ byproducts and inexpensive cost for the balance of plant are the significant attractive factors for this proprietary technology. In addition the benign products can be recycled for other uses or discarded without contamination concerns.

Reaction between aluminum, water and catalyst additives generates hydrogen very quickly, in over 90 % yield. This reaction is exothermic and produces about 100K cal per mole of aluminum consumed. Through the HPI method, hydrogen can be generated on site and on demand without any need for supplemental energy, electrical or otherwise. The method is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but is also capable of producing hydrogen at both ambient and high pressures. The reactant material can be formulated and self-regulated with respect to pressure, i.e., the reaction will proceed up to a predetermined maximum pressure and then effectively cease until such time as the pressure again drops.

HPI's first prototype H24U, produces 5 liters of hydrogen through the water activation of a C-size battery container of HPI aluminum powder. The instantaneous reaction produces hydrogen within 30 seconds. H2 is stored at 100 psig and released through a regulator valve at 10 psig to power a fuel cell.

Hydrogen NowTM technology can be delivered by various output means: stationary, continuous, or as needed. Production can be tailored to match the application device need with respect to temperature, pressure and flow rates. HPI technology affords an energy density superior to that of any available current battery technology and the cost of materials is estimated to be significantly lower. For more information please write to info@hydrogenpowerinc.com.

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