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    NHA Members

    We are proud to have over 100 member organizations. Find out more about NHA membership >>

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    Organization [sort] Member Type [sort]
    AC TransitGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    AG/ENASmall Business Member
    Air Liquide America, L.P.Industry Member
    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.Sustaining Member
    University of Albany - Albany Nanotech Energy and Environment Technology Application CenterUniversity/Education Member
    Alternate Energy CorporationSmall Business Member
    American Honda Motor Company, Inc.Industry Member
    ARES CorporationIndustry Member
    Arizona Public Service CompanySustaining Member
    Electric Power Research InstituteHonorary Member
    Proton Energy Systems, Inc.Industry Member
    Avalence LLCSmall Business Member
    Bain, AddisonHonorary Member
    Ballard Power SystemsIndustry Member
    BMW of North America, Inc.Sustaining Member
    BOCSustaining Member
    BPSustaining Member
    Cabot Fuel CellsIndustry Member
    California Air Resources BoardHonorary Member
    Lloyd, Alan C.Honorary Member
    Canadian Hydrogen Energy CompanySmall Business Member
    ChevronSustaining Member
    Clean Energy Fuels CorporationSmall Business Member
    Collier Technologies, Inc.Small Business Member
    CSA America, Inc.University/Education Member
    DaimlerChrysler CorporationIndustry Member
    DTE EnergyIndustry Member
    Economic Development PartnershipGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.Industry Member
    Engineering Advancement Association of JapanGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Entergy NuclearSustaining Member
    University of Central Florida - Florida Solar Energy CenterUniversity/Education Member
    AREVA NP, Inc.Sustaining Member
    Tergo Power, LLCSmall Business Member
    Freesen & Partner GmbHSmall Business Member
    Gas Technology Institute (GTI)University/Education Member
    GE Global ResearchSustaining Member
    General AtomicsIndustry Member
    General Motors CorporationSustaining Member
    H2Gen Innovations, Inc.Small Business Member
    H2scan CorporationSmall Business Member
    Hydrogen 2000, Inc.University/Education Member
    Hydrogen Power Inc.Small Business Member
    Hydrogenics CorporationIndustry Member
    HyRadix, Inc.Small Business Member
    Idaho National LaboratoryGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, LLCSmall Business Member
    Intelligent EnergySmall Business Member
    ISE CorporationSmall Business Member
    Iwatani International CorporationIndustry Member
    Jadoo Power Systems, LLCSmall Business Member
    Kettering University - Center for Fuel Cell Systems & Powertrain IntegrationUniversity/Education Member
    Linde AGSustaining Member
    M.R.S. EnterprisesUniversity/Education Member
    Millennium CellSmall Business Member
    National Aeronautics & Space AdministrationHonorary Member
    National Renewable Energy LaboratoryGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Nebraska Public Power DistrictIndustry Member
    Neighborhood EnergySmall Business Member
    NetozoicUniversity/Education Member
    New York Power AuthorityIndustry Member
    NextEnergyGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Norsk Hydro Electrolysers, ASSmall Business Member
    North of England Inward Investment AgencySmall Business Member
    Norwegian Hydrogen ForumUniversity/Education Member
    Oak Ridge National LaboratoryGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Pennsylvania State University - Hydrogen Energy Center (H2E)University/Education Member
    Plug PowerIndustry Member
    Praxair, Inc.Sustaining Member
    QuestAir Technologies, Inc.Small Business Member
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - Center for Energy, Economic and Environmental PolicyUniversity/Education Member
    Sacramento Municipal Utility DistrictIndustry Member
    Sandia National LaboratoriesGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Savannah River National LaboratoryGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Humboldt State University - Schatz Energy Research CenterUniversity/Education Member
    SchlumbergerIndustry Member
    Sentech, Inc.Small Business Member
    Shell Hydrogen, LLCSustaining Member
    Solar Integrated TechnologiesIndustry Member
    South Coast Air Quality Management DistrictHonorary Member
    Southern California Edison CompanyIndustry Member
    Southwest Research InstituteGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    Sumitomo CorporationIndustry Member
    Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.Sustaining Member
    University of North Dakota - Energy and Environmental Research CenterUniversity/Education Member
    U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)Honorary Member
    Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières - Hydrogen Research InstituteUniversity/Education Member
    University of California, Davis - Institute for Transportation StudiesUniversity/Education Member
    University of Connecticut - Connecticut Global Fuel Cell CenterUniversity/Education Member
    University of Hawaii at Manoa - Natural Energy InstituteUniversity/Education Member
    University of MiamiUniversity/Education Member
    University of South CarolinaSustaining Member
    UTC PowerIndustry Member
    Virent Energy SystemsSmall Business Member
    Ztek CorporationSmall Business Member
    Purdue University - Discovery ParkUniversity/Education Member
    Xcel EnergyIndustry Member
    South Carolina Research AuthorityGovernment/Non-profit Member
    Empower CESSmall Business Member
    Global Renewable EnergySmall Business Member
    InnovatekSmall Business Member
    Powergen InternationalSmall Business Member
    U.S. Merchant Marine Academy - Alternative Power ProgramUniversity/Education Member
    University of Nevada, RenoUniversity/Education Member
    Swagelok CompanyIndustry Member
    Nuvera Fuel CellsIndustry Member
    Angstrom PowerSmall Business Member
    West Wind Works, LLCSmall Business Member
    General Hydrogen CorporationSmall Business Member
    ConocoPhillipsSustaining Member
    National Energy Technology LaboratoryGovernment/Non-Profit Member
    HTS EnterpriseSmall Business Member
    Hydrogen Solar, LLCSmall Business Member