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    Coordination with Other Groups

    In addition to developing safety codes and standards, the NHA tracks activities led by others, and participates in the advancement of items to help assure safety of hydrogen systems as much as practical.

    A growing number of organizations are developing codes and standards for hydrogen energy systems, which may include fuel cells, containers, connectors, refueling stations, safety and infrastructure. Many of these efforts have hydrogen-specific requirements. The NHA works with these organizations to offer expertise in hydrogen safety and other specific expertise as required.

    The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) issues standards on Hydrogen (general properties, etc.), Commodity Spec for Hydrogen, Hydrogen Piping and Hydrogen Vent systems. They also issue documents for oxygen and cleaning for oxygen service, which in the electrolysis side of things, we occasionally encounter.

    The Instrument Society of America (ISA) issues standards on qualifying instruments as intrinsically safe or non-incendive and publishes documents which parallel some of those issued by the NFPA.

    Other well known efforts include:
    • ISO TC 197
    • IEC TC 105
    • SAE Safety and Interface working groups
    • Underwriters Laboratory - sensors and hydrogen generators
    • ICC Ad Hoc Committee on Hydrogen Gas
    • HTAP Safety Committee
    • DOE/NREL/NHA Coordination
    • ANSI Z21.83 - Fuel Cell Power Plants
    • NFPA 853 - Installation of Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants
    • NFPA 70 - National Electric Code
    • CSA - Residential fuel cell power generators, portable fuel cell power generators, fuel cell modules
    • UL 2265 - Replacement fuel cell power units for appliances
    • ASME PTC 50 - performance test code for fuel cell power system performance
    • NES Evaluation Protocol
    • IEEE SCC 21 - Interconnection standards
    • IEC TC 105 - fuel cells - not all hydrogen specific
    • SAE terminology, recyclability, performance, emissions & fuel economy, reliability
    The NHA is a category D liaison with ISO and is recognized as expert in the field.