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    Fleet Owners/Operators

    Hydrogen Workshop for Fleet Owners & Operators

    Why is the hydrogen economy important to fleet operators? The 2005 Hydrogen Workshop for Fleet Owner/Operators will provide a summary of the basic information fleet operators have said they want to know now about adding hydrogen equipment or vehicles to their fleets. As a part of a project with the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Hydrogen Association and OURCO, Inc. have created this 2-3 hour workshop to address the newest questions raised by operators and owners about adding hydrogen vehicles to their fleets. Workshop content has been carefully focused and balanced to inform fleet owner/operators on all facets of this emerging technology:

    • benefits and costs
    • comparisons between hydrogen and more conventional fuels
    • fueling and maintenance facilities
    • timelines and
    • vehicle performance, componentry and operation.
    The eight modules for the workshop are provided below. For more information on inviting us to give this workshop for your group or event, please contact us.