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    NHA Publications

    General Publications
    Hydrogen Implementation Plan (291Kb PDF)
    Hydrogen Commercialization Plan (150Kb PDF)
    Policy Plan (23Kb PDF)

    The NHA News
    The NHA's quarterly newsletter covers a host of issues related to hydrogen energy systems. Content includes member profiles, information on the progress of hydrogen programs and initiatives, as well as business, research and demonstrations relating to hydrogen. More >>

    Annual Conference Proceedings
    Proceedings Order Form (38Kb PDF)
    • 2006: 17th Annual Conference
      Global Progress Toward Clean Energy
      one DVD only

    • 2005: 16th Annual Conference
      Preparing for the Global Hydrogen Future
      one1 CD-ROM only

    • 2004: 15th Annual Conference
      A Clean Energy Choice
      one CD-ROM only

    The Energy Bill
    The National Energy Policy Act, also known as The Energy Bill, was signed into law by President Bush on August 8, 2005. Never before has there been an Energy Bill which has included so much about hydrogen and fuel cells. More >>

    The Energy Bill: How Does Hydrogen Fit In?
    The NHA has recently published a guide to the sections of the bill pertaining to hydrogen and fuel cells or particular sections that will have an impact on hydrogen and fuel cell development even though the technology may not be specifically mentioned. More >>

    Hydrogen Fact Sheets
    With the U.S. Department of Energy, the NHA has prepared several hydrogen "fact sheets." Download these for a quick overview of hydrogen as an energy source. More >>

    Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Safety Report
    This report includes information on Fuel Cell Safety, Codes and Standards. In addition, this site supports the activities of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Codes & Standards Coordinating Committee, an entity consisting of a large number of organizations involved in the development of codes and standards for hydrogen energy systems and fuel cells. Visit the website >>

    Permitting and Planning
    a Hydrogen Vehicle Demonstration
    This report is for those who are interested in showcasing their own hydrogen
    vehicle, another company’s vehicle or
    preparing for the introduction of a small fleet
    in any metropolitan area. Based the lessons
    learned from the planning of a hydrogen
    powered vehicle demonstration and Ride and
    Drive in Washington, DC, it reviews the safety officials who were contacted, their concerns, the information they wanted and criteria to consider when choosing an urban driving route for your demonstration. Download (74Kb)